The community hall

The Community hall

This community hall is used by the children and teachers for games. It is also used for Sibusiso staff meetings.

Once a month, an Open Day is organised for parents with their children, family, teachers and village elders and all other interested people. They get information, support and are motivated. Open Days are well visited and all Sibusiso staff take part, not just the cooks, counselors and teaching staff but garden staff, maintenance people, drivers, cleaning staff and office staff participate as well. The Open Day brings new children with their parents to Sibusiso. Parents who have heard of Sibusiso come with their disabled child to take a look and hopefully enroll their child.

During our Open Days we give not only information on possible causes for mental handicap and how to cope, but also general health education advice.

Sometimes a physiotherapist or occupational therapist explains what his or her work involves. Whilst we spend time with the parents, the children spend time in activities on the sports field or in the play ground.

One common activity is gathering all the children to eat and sing together. They sing their hearts out, often songs that are written by staff members and learned for the occasion. These events underline solidarity. Another aspect of the Open Day is to have the opportunity to share experiences with other parents and families with disabled children.