Meet the Sibusiso Team

At the end of 2023, the team visited Tarangire National Park. In the new year the team starts full of spirit, enthusiasm and in good cooperation with two new groups of children with disabilities

The good work of carpenter Joseph

Meet Joseph. Joseph has been working at Sibusiso as a carpenter for many years. In the workshop, aids such as adapted chairs and wheelchairs are custom-made for the children. These tools are not only available for the children in the centre, but also for the home situation.

Looking back from Arusha

The end of 2023 is a good time to look back and take stock of where we are with Sibusiso. 

Goodbye to the chairman of the Board

We said goodbye to chairman Faye Cran, who has been involved with the Foundation in Arusha since the start of the program. With her large network and her tireless efforts, she has meant a lot to Sibusiso and the children. Thank you, Faye!

Successful Father's Day

Sibusiso regularly organizes parent events, and from the start an attempt has been made to involve fathers in the program because some fathers feel more involved than others. Fathers in Tanzania have a different role than European fathers who are often more involved in raising children.  Last July, 26 of the 30 fathers of children from the baby-toddler program were present.