Julita’s journey

Since April, Julita Lyimo has been staying in the Sibusiso center with her one-year-old daughter Fortunata for the 3-month program. Julita is a lady who makes a special journey for the Sibusiso team. 39-year-old Julita single-handedly cares for Fortunata, who suffers from microcephaly, despite being visually impaired. Julita was abandoned by Fortunata's father and had to quit her job to care for her daughter.

Donation 6 months program

Donation child in 3 months program

For more than 20 years, Sibusiso's programs have had a fixed and successful form in programs for the various age categories and with the aim of giving the children in their own community an independent life. On an annual basis, we help about 2,200 children and their parents with the Sibusiso programs.

First 3 months group waved goodbye

Thirty young children and their mothers came to the Sibusiso center in mid-January for the three-month program. This means that they stay in the centre from Monday to Friday. During that period, they live in one of the three pavilions, eat together and go through a daily program that consists of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutritional advice and advice for the mother on how best to stimulate the child.

Sports day at Sibusiso

The children of Sibusiso like to play football, volleyball and hockey. And if movement is a bit more difficult, there is dancing and singing. Exercising and playing together is of paramount importance to Sibusiso. It gives the children self-confidence and creativity and, above all, a lot of fun with each other. That's why the team regularly organizes sports days. In March there was another exciting and successful sports day on the grounds of Sibusiso.