Every month the board receives an extensive report of all activities and of course we have frequent consultations about the daily affairs in Arusha. But we are extremely proud to share some of the facts about 2022 with you. It gives a good impression of the scale and necessity of the work of the professional team in Tanzania. 

• 120 young children visited the center, together with parents or family members. They followed the 3-month program and were interns during this period.

• 160 children were present with their mother for a short stay (for 1-2 weeks)

• 40 older children followed the 6-month vocational training program internally.

• More than 3,000 visits from the Outreach Team for aftercare to the children who have gone home with special advice to the mother and/or caregiver for an optimal stay at home.

• More than 2,000 visits and home therapy from the Outreach Team to children who have not been to the center before.

• 250 new children have been newly registered; Contact is maintained with this, by telephone or in the center.

• More than 300 promotional actions: campaigns and school visits to advocate for the admission of children with disabilities – at school and in society.