What does Sibusiso do?

What does Sibusiso do?

The programme is based on two pillars:
The Sibusiso Centre and the Outreach programme


The Sibusiso Centre

The Sibusiso Centre is located on a terrain of approximately 7 hectares near Arusha, situated between coffee plantations near the base of Mount Meru. The centre consists of:

  • Four houses
  • A school
  • Physio- and occupationaltherapy rooms
  • A community hall
  • An educational farm with vegetable gardens
  • A carpentry workshop for special aids
  • An educational kitchen
  • Two snoozeroomse


There is also a sports field, a playground and the Sibusiso-walk, a kitchen with laundry facilities and a workshop/technical department.

The work of the Sibusiso Centre is concentrated on children from birth -18 years who are mentally disabled. A number of these children are also physically disabled. Admission to the Centre is for a maximum six-month period.

During their stay in the Centre not only the child but also the parent are the focus of our work. To meet this aim. the Sibusiso programme consists of:

  1. Gaining an insight of the possibilities and limitations of the children through observation
  2. Stimulating their development by teaching the children skills such as getting dressed, doing simple household chores like cooking and laundry or making the bed. Those children  who able to  are also taught skills such as sewing, gardening and carpentry. In addition the children are offered activities such as music, dance drawing, and games and sports during which we concentrate on  developing their social skills.
  3. Each child is accompanied by a parent during their stay. Our aim is to show the parents what limitations and opportunities for development the child has, and also to support the parents in raising their child and to enlarge their skills by giving pedagogical advice for the home situation.

The Outreach Programme

The Outreach Programme is an important part of Sibusiso’s work. The Outreach Team visits the children in their home environment for the following reasons:

To follow up

When children have been in the Centre for three months, they are visited at home on a regular basis. It is not only important to teach the children skills in the Centre, but the children need to be stimulated in their community as well. The home situation is assessed to see whether the advised exercises are being continued in the home. The families are always visited without an appointment which enables the outreach- teams to get an objective picture of the situation at home. In some cases where a child is placed in a school after being in the Sibusiso Centre the school is also visited.

To inform

A home visit is made when the children are enrolled in the Sibusiso Programme. In order to coach the parents and give the right advice it is very important to get a clear view of the home situation.

To counsel

The Outreach Team organizes village meetings, in which family, village elders, health care workers and teachers are involved. During the village meeting we talk about what the Sibusiso Programme works towards, general health advice is given and new children are enrolled. These meetings  are usually held at a local meeting place such as a health centre, school or church building which enables the parents of disabled children to meet.

During the above mentioned activities we focus on informing and educating parents and other community members.

Whether it is during a village meeting, public day, a home visit, physiotherapy or ergo therapy, transfer of knowledge is an integrated part of Sibusiso.

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