Expert pool

The Expert Pool

The expert pool is a group of professionals in the Netherlands, originating from healthcare and education, with a great deal of experience in working with (multiple) restricted children and with a big heart for Tanzania.


The aim of the expert pool is: 

  • to maintain contact with the Sibusiso staff to keep track of their way of working and to guarantee the quality of work 
  • to further promote the expertise of the staff through “training on the job”.


The expert pool works both demand-driven as demand-orientated: that is, based on questions from the Tanzanian staff and through own contribution of expertise. This takes into account the cultural and religious background of the Tanzanian population. Advice can also be given to the management and board of Sibusiso in the area of content of care, education, policy and the content of the program.

Every year at least 2 members of the expert pool go to Tanzania with a targeted goal, so that continuity in the various projects can be guaranteed as well as possible.

The activities that the expert pool has developed in recent years are experienced by Sibusiso staff as pleasant and useful. In particular, thinking along and regularly offering expertise activities in the form of workshops and coaching is appreciated and quality increases.

Some examples are training for employees:
  • Employee training in: 
    • how to feed a child in a safe way 
    • how to lift a child in a safe way 
    • how to stimulate a child’s gross and fine motor skills 
    • how to stimulate contact between mother and child 
  • drawing up a curriculum for the school, more attuned to the levels of the children. 
  • Supporting the staff in setting up examinations and treatment protocols. 
  • Improving communication between the different groups of employees.