Treatment Center

The institution


The school

The Sibusiso Centre also houses a school. There are two classrooms for the adolescents of the six month project and one big classroom for the mothers with little children who stay 3 months at Sibusiso. (...More)

The houses

There are three houses at the Sibusiso Centre where the mothers and their children of the three months programme stay. The mothers are informed what the physical disability of their children implies and they are taught how to look after them and stimulate them. (...More)

Food aid programme for malnourished children

Malnourishment is a serious problem in Tanzania. The mortality rate increases with malnourishment and multiply impaired children have an increased risk of becoming malnourished. As long as a child can be carried on the back of the mother and is breastfed it is no problem.  (...More)

The community hall

This community is used by the children and teachers for games. It is also used for Sibusiso staff meetings. Once a month, an Open Day is organised for parents with their children, family, teachers and village elders and all other interested people. They get information, support and are motivated. Open Days are well visited and all Sibusiso staff take part, not just the cooks, counselors and teaching staff but garden staff, maintenance people, drivers, cleaning staff and office staff participate as well. (...More)

The farm

There is a farm at the Sibusiso Centre, which consists of a henhouse and a shed of goats. The children learn to take care for these animals and their houses, collect eggs and milking the goats. And ofcourse it is also allowed to cuddle all animals. (...More)

The educational kitchen

In The children learn to cook the Tanzanian way: on wood, charcoal or kerosine. They learn how to prepare vegetables, how to measure and weigh, how to start the fire and what dangers fire can bring. (...More)


A number of Sibusiso children are both mentally and physically disabled.There are physio- and occupational therapists employed by Sibusiso. Sibusiso have sponsored students who are being educated in occupational therapy in Moshi. (...More)


Further parts of the institution are the playground and Sibusiso walk, the central kitchen, laundry and workshop, as well as the carpentry.(...More)

Film of Sibusiso