For its continuity, the Sibusiso Foundation is dependant on several sources of income.


Local contributions from parents of children residing in the Sibusiso Centre

Parents of mentally disabled children who stayed in the Sibusiso Centre indicated that they want to contribute towards their stay in the centre. A survey was done to decide on the appropriate amount. The lowest amount mentioned was 5,000 Tanzanian Shilling ($ 3) a month, which was then taken as the minimum monthly contribution. In cases where parents cannot make this contribution, they can pay an equivalent in kind.


Fundraising activities, donations and sponsoring from organisations and private individuals

undraising activities are a helpful and necessary means of guaranteeing Sibusiso's continuity. The good thing is that these activities are often fun and interesting as well. Large or small, every effort is appreciated!

Donations and sponsoring from organisations and private individuals are indispensable to Sibusiso. There are various possible donations, such as one-time donations and periodical donations.

All donors are updated on a regular basis on the ins and outs of the Sibusiso programme through (electronic) newsletters.

At last an overview of the costs:

Staff costs of the Sibusiso programme

A teacher costs average per month:

  • 500.000 Tshs
  • 217 Euro

All (7) teachers costs per month:

  • 3,500,000 Tshs
  • 1.522 Euro

A therapist costs average per month:

  • 720.000 Tshs
  • 313 Euro

All (4) therapists costs per month:

  • 2,880,000 Tshs
  • 1.252 Euro

A social worker costs average per month:

  • 550.000 Tshs
  • 239 Euro

All (3) social workers costs per month:

  • 1.650.000 Tshs
  • 717 Euro
Material costs of the program Sibusiso

A wheelchair:

  • 500.000 Tshs
  • 218 Euro

All wheelchairs for a year (25 per year):

  • 12.500.000 Tshs
  • 5.435 Euro

A walking frame made by Sibusiso:

  • 50.000 Tshs
  • 22 Euro

A standing frame made by Sibusiso:

  • 80.000 Tshs
  • 35 Euro

A corner chair made by Sibusiso:

  • 80.000 Tshs
  • 35 Euro

A baby chair made by Sibusiso:

  • 100.000 Tshs
  • 43 Euro

A toilet chair made by Sibusiso:

  • 50.000 Tshs
  • 22 Euro

Our work is, amongst others, supported by