The playground and Sibusiso-walk

In addition to the playground, the Sibusiso-walk was built in 2002. Here the children can train their sensorial and motor skills.

 In 2005 the playground was renovated and expanded with a couple of pieces of play equipment specially designed for children with severe multiple disabilities.


Central kitchen, laundry and garage

As the children need all the attention, the house mothers do not have time to occupy themselves with daily chores like cooking and doing laundry.

There is a central kitchen on the Centre, where not only the food for the children staying in the Centre is prepared but also the food for the personnel and caretakers of the children. This means that 160 meals must be prepared on a daily basis. Next to the kitchen is a hand wash laundry, several storage rooms and a garage for maintenance of the Sibusiso cars.


The workshop

Most children who are in the Sibusiso programme need special aids because of their physical limitations.

 These aids can be walkers, adapted chairs, special pillows and so on and are vital to the development of the child.