Persiana learns social skills from teacher Nelson As a teacher at Sibusiso, Nelson is responsible for the Social Skills Program. For him, Persiana Obadiah is one of his best practice examples. Upon entering eight years ago, Persiana was in a bad condition. Nelson nevertheless saw opportunities for Persiana and he advised parents to enroll in the Social Skills Program, which is very important in preparation for the school period. The parents were initially very skeptical because they had not been able to enroll Persiana in various public schools. At the time, she was 10 years old, couldn't go to the bathroom or take care of herself herself, and she sometimes showed aggressive behavior. 

During the 6-month program at the Sibusiso center where Persiana attended the Social Skills Program, Nelson and his team managed to adjust her behavior and teach Persiana to interact with other people. She was also able to take better care of herself. The following year, the girl was able to enroll in school at the age of 11. She is now in her final year of elementary school. Persiana now comes to Sibusiso twice a month for sports, choir or cooking classes. Nelson concludes: 'We mainly look at the child, and not at the disability or the disability. I've learned to celebrate every milestone, big or small!