Gervas is a 4year old baby boy, suffering from Athetoid cerebral palsy. When he joined the program a year ago, he was drooling, unable to crawl or roll, he had poor hand functioning, poor trunk control and was quite malnutritioned.

Gervas has improved tremendously, it is almost unbelievable! He is able to control his trunk and can sit without support. His hand function has improved a great deal; he can reach and grab objects, rolls from side to side, he can sit and is now attempting to crawl. His weight has increased for from 7.8kg to 11.3kg. The drooling has completely stopped! Also, he can reach out his hands to play with hanging toys and socialize with other children.

I have shed so many tears just watching the progress of my child, I have been to three doctors and they all said my child would not recover and there was nothing to be done about it. I have been to witchdoctors, and pastors, and it is always promise after promise, but for the first time, I witness change. Being here with other mothers with different stories has been the highlight of my program. I feel hopeful and encouraged. I am very happy that fathers are being involved, and since I joined this program, my husband has been very kind to us and supportive, I hope he does not change. Thank you Sibusiso!’