Jerusalema is a South African gospel beat that was put online a year ago by the South African DJ and producer Master KG, and has gone viral around the globe ‘the corona anthem’. 

On social media, people have been urged to do the dance challenge as a way of showing unity in fighting the corona pandemic. The simple dance routine has provided an uplifting soundtrack for difficult times. The challenge is meant to unify us through our divisions and misunderstandings. Video clips of dancers across the globe now include nuns, nurses, construction workers, police officers, waiters among so many others, are put on line.

Emotional videos of healthcare workers all over the world has become an uplifting source of hope for patients fighting covid-19, as some countries experience a second wave of the pandemic.

For us as Sibusiso is not just a unifying factor and hope only through the pandemic but throughout our service to people with disabilities. We deal with a difficult, neglected, group, and we need to remind all the parents that we are in this together, every day, and that there is hope for a better future for every child and family.

‘We are because you are’