Since April, Julita Lyimo has been staying in the Sibusiso center with her one-year-old daughter Fortunata for the 3-month program. Julita is a lady who makes a special journey for the Sibusiso team. 39-year-old Julita single-handedly cares for Fortunata, who suffers from microcephaly, despite being visually impaired. Julita was abandoned by Fortunata's father and had to quit her job to care for her daughter.

Despite her own limitations, Julita shows enormous adaptability and perseverance. She knows how to adapt very well to the Sibusiso environment and embraces all opportunities for Fortunata. Julita will stay at the center until June and can follow all parts of the program with the help of the team. Despite the challenges, Julita looks to the future with optimism, she knows that with love and perseverance she can help her daughter Fortunata. We have a lot of admiration for the journey of Julita and her daughter Fortunata and are happy to help her along her path.