As difficult as it is, at Sibusiso they say it works! In this edition, therapist Daniel talks about David who achieved results in a short time with the Sibusiso program.

Ibrahim was born two years ago with quadriplegia cerebral, a paralysis of all limbs.  According to his mother, this was caused by lack of oxygen during birth. Ibrahim did not develop well and was unable to hold things, he had poor torso and head control. Nor could he roll, turn or sit. Due to these restrictions, Ibrahim could not play with other children. He often felt alone. Therefore, Ibrahim's mother was looking for proper treatment for her boy.

The surprise was great when after only two months of treatment, Ibrahim showed a big change. Beyond expectations, Ibrahim can now sit without support and hold onto things. He regains control of the head and torso, which also allows him to roll over. This also ensures that he understands more of his surroundings. He now knows who his sisters, his mother and teacher are. He likes to play with other children and looks happy and healthy.