The end of 2023 is a good time to look back and take stock of where we are with Sibusiso. 

The past year has seen many changes.  We are very fortunate to have the new General Manager Finance and Operations, Martha Lukasi.  After the departure of the General Manager Programs in May, she brought structure and transparency to the organization through her skillful leadership. She was assisted by Program Coordinator Daniel Kibuya and Operations Coordinator Therry MoshiTogether with the entire team, great strides have been made both within the organization and on the site and the buildings.  The pavilions, school, and office have had a major refurbishment, and the water supply network and the cabling of electricity over the entire site have been completely renewed.

We found an excellent candidate for the vacancy of General Manager Programs.  We were very disappointed when we heard that the candidate had been struck by a serious illness shortly before he started his job, which forced him to give up the position.  We are now going to continue our search.

The centre's activities continued at full speed this year.  The start-up of the Knowledge Centre has been delayed for some time before the General Manager Programs is appointed, who will be responsible for shaping the content of the programmes.  We expect this to happen in the course of 2024.

Two weeks before the end of the 2023 working year – the centre closes on December 15, a month before the annual holiday – Sibusiso experienced a highlight at the celebration of World Disability Day on Friday, December 1. It was a big party, during which the Sibusi song was also recited by students and team.  We would like to conclude this review with the last verse of this song, which so aptly expresses the mission of Sibusiso and which also offers us guidance in all our activities in the new year:

Let's not hide the children with disabilities

Let's remember that they should also be included

They have the right to be recorded

They have the right to be loved

They have the right to socialize

They have the right to be protected

They have the right to education

They have the right to employment

They have the right to medical treatment