Sibusiso regularly organizes parent events, and from the start an attempt has been made to involve fathers in the program because some fathers feel more involved than others. Fathers in Tanzania have a different role than European fathers who are often more involved in raising children.  Last July, 26 of the 30 fathers of children from the baby-toddler program were present. During the information meeting, the fathers received a lot of information about their child's program, the need for good nutrition for children with disabilities, but they also received tips on how to work with their child themselves, exercise and improve speech. In addition to ensuring good nutrition, fathers can also contribute to the well-being of their child by singing songs and playing games. During the fathers' meeting there was ample opportunity to ask questions to the therapists. An important part is exchanging experiences.

It still often happens that children are discriminated against, excluded or insufficiently protected because of their disability. Fathers also have an important role in this, says Daniel, Sibusiso's program coordinator. 'It has been a long process to involve fathers in the program. It has slowly grown with the older children. We therefore find it positive that so many fathers of young children are now becoming involved."