Together with LIAG architects and building consultants, we will install a knowledge centre on the Sibusiso site. The aim of this centre is to share the experience and knowledge gained by the Sibusiso foundation with other or new organisations that wish to make an equal contribution to the need for help. The aim is to increase the working area as much as possible and also to reach children who are outside the (physical) reach of the foundation.

The Sibusiso complex is located at the foot of Mount Meru, a volcano west of Africa's highest mountain: Mount Kilimanjaro. After the construction of the knowledge centre, training will be given to local and regional teachers, social workers and physiotherapists to best support children with intellectual disabilities, and their parents.


Connecting with local traditions

Sibusiso and LIAG think it is important that this centre fits within the Tanzanian situation and with the traditions and available construction methods. A local contractor will therefore realise the design. In doing so, they will make use of natural and locally available raw materials. In the design, LIAG also takes Tanzanian culture into account. Outside education is an example of this: in the shade of the trees, with a breath-taking view through the open (yet sheltered) layout of the complex.

Climate is also an important point of attention during the process. The spacious overhang of the roof, for example, creates shade and keeps the facade dry when it rains. A natural and efficient ventilation system ensures pleasant temperatures inside.


Arie Aalbers (board member LIAG and building consultant)

"Ventilation is based on the chimney principle. The building is relatively high, the windows are placed high in the facades. Warm air can easily find its way out, and fresh air can find its way in".


On the site of the current centre, among other things, there are already:

  • four residential houses
  • a school with two snooze rooms
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy rooms
  • a meeting hall
  • staff and office space
  • a teaching kitchen
  • a teaching farm with vegetable garden and coffee plantation.
  • In addition, there is a sports field, playground and the Sibusiso-walk, a central kitchen with laundry and storage space and its own workshop/technical department.